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MoBa Group

mothers & babies

Online Mothering Support Group

A safe place to connect with new moms and be supported

Come join us online where you can connect safely with other new moms and get your questions about breastfeeding, caring for your baby, adapting to new motherhood and much more answered.

Sessions run in 6 - 8 week cycles. Each meeting will include:

  • A discussion topic related to parenting and new mothering - this is a place to share experiences

  • A Q&A to go over any current issues or concerns you have

  • A guided meditation or relaxation exercise to center and ground you before you go back to your everyday space

  • Sometimes we sing a song to the babies or dance instead of meditation

The style of support for our meetings is based on the following:

  • The principles of attachment and creating strong bonds within our families

  • Natural physiology and how humans are designed

  • Understanding the needs of our babies

  • The breastfeeding relationship as a base for creating healthy humans not only through our milk, but also through our interactions with our child

  • Affirming our mothering experiences and needs:

    • Looking at our longings and goals

    • Tackling myths and expectations

    • Appreciating ourselves in our imperfect and beautiful humanity

  • Building your inner knowing and mothering compass

  • Practicality and finding solutions

  • Understanding and respecting that we can have different opinions and do what's right for our family and situation

  • Compassion and empathy

  • LOVE


Topics and discussion will be based on a variety of subjects. Your concerns and needs are a priority. Let me know what it is you want to know, are grappling with, or need. We have wonderful discussions in our group!

MoBa Meetings

Who: Mothers and primary caregivers with a breastfeeding baby. If you are not able to breastfeed, but are interested in mothering using the principles of attachment and understanding the needs of little humans, you are also welcome to join us. Newborns through two years of age. Space is limited.

Where: Online via Zoom for 6 - 8 meetings per session. We meet at a local LA park in person for one of our sessions.

What: Discussion to stimulate your mind and need for connection, questions answered to alleviate your concerns, encouragement to hone your mothering intuition and a chance to nurture yourself.

Why: Connecting with other mothers is essential as you adjust to new motherhood. Since in person groups are limited right now and meeting during the week may be difficult if you are also working, meeting online provides  convenient chance to connect without having to leave your home.

How Much:

8 Week Bundle


6 Week Bundle


4 Week Bundle


Drop-In Rate = $15 per meeting

(Drop-In subject to availability)

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 MoBa Group


May 7 - June 25
6 Saturdays
12:00 - 1:15 pm PT

No meetings on May 21 and June 18

MoBa Group

Topics We Discuss

Birthing Transformation

Becoming Mama

Infant Sleep - What's normal?

First foods

Your Mothering Compass

Building Your Inner Knowing

Trusting Yourself

Overcoming Challenges

Going Back to Work

Working & Mothering

Mothering at Home Full-time

Judgement & Shame


Parenting Gurus

Weaning: How Does it Happen?

Parenting During a Pandemic

Navigating the New Normal


Plus whatever generates naturally

in our group discussion

for mamas with a breastfeeding baby or child of any age

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I have been mentoring and supporting new mamas for two decades. My own mothering journey of raising two daughters (now 23 and 18) along with all I have learned over time working with mothers and babies has given me a deep appreciation for the work of parenting as well as great empathy for us as mothers as we take each step along this path in life.

Becoming a mother is such a huge shift in life - the responsibility is immense and intense, with good support hard to find. I remember leaving the hospital with my first baby and having literally no support for six months (besides my husband and what did he know about babies and breastfeeding?) before I was finally able to manage to get myself and my high-need baby to a monthly La Leche League meeting. When I look back I am absolutely amazed and wonder how on Earth I made it through. In trying to seek out the community and support so necessary for new mothers, I found it very difficult to find a weekly Mommy & Me group that truly understood a baby's needs, supported breastfeeding and attachment, and was affordable. I often felt like an outsider in these Mommy & Me groups listening to very dubious advice from the facilitators that just didn't apply to breastfeeding babies.  I finally just gave up and started a weekly neighborhood playgroup.


I really would have benefited with appropriate support and guidance -- that's what has motivated me to start this mothering group.I don't want you to be without the encouragement, support and guidance that will help you thrive as a mother and deepen your connection with your child.

I believe in mothers. I believe in babies. The family is the most important foundation of our society. For centuries, wisdom was handed down by experienced mothers to new mothers to help guide them on their journey. These are the supports we need to reclaim and nurture as we move forward to create a better world. As we reclaim our power as women and as mothers, we can rebuild the knowledge and skills that are our inherent right passing these on to our own children. I hope to help you hone your instincts, nurture your wisdom and strengthen your trust in yourself as make your way forward on your mothering journey.



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