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 Birth Doula Services

Labor and Birth Support

Birth is a tremendous experience and a journey into the unknown. Many couples find the presence of an experienced woman knowledgeable about normal birth a comforting and reassuring presence during their labor and delivery. Women who do this professionally are called "doulas."


Studies show that laboring mothers who have trained continuous support

in labor experience:

  • Fewer complications

  • Decreased risk of a cesarean

  • Decreased use of Pitocin (artificial oxytocin)

  • Decreased use of medicated pain relief

  • A shorter labor

  • Less likely to have a negative experience

  • Baby is less likely to have complications and be in NICU.


In my childbirth classes, I teach expectant fathers/partners the skills of being a continuous support person for the birthing mother. For some couples, the additional support of a doula at their birth helps them feel more at ease, confident, and provides them both with the level of support they need to have the best outcome.

If you are taking my Bradley Method course, I do offer doula support. The weeks spent in class provide a great opportunity to get to know each other. This familiarity allows for a deep level to trust to be present during the birthing process. I can support you at a hospital, free-standing birth center, or home birth.

If you are not in my classes, I provide doula support for families who are planning their birth to take place in a free-standing birth center or home birth only, regardless of the type of birth preparation (although some type of childbirth class is required for a first birth, not for a subsequent vaginal birth.) A planned hospital birth couple needs to take a Bradley Method course for me to work with them.

Newborn baby on his mothers arms right a

“Published data indicate that one of the most effective tools to improve labor and delivery outcomes is the continuous presence of support personnel, such as a doula. A Cochrane meta-analysis of 12 trials and more than 15,000 women demonstrated that the presence of continuous one-on-one support during labor and delivery was associated with improved patient satisfaction and a statistically significant reduction in the rate of cesarean delivery (111). Given that there are no associated measurable harms, this resource is probably underutilized.”

—The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Work with Me

Complete Doula Package Includes:
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Let's get together!

Pregnancy Support and Birth Preparation

  • If you are in my class: 2 meetings in your home, or other location of choice (additional meetings are possible - see Note below)

  • If you are not in my class: 3 meetings in your home, or other location of choice (additional meetings are possible - see Note below)

  • Discuss your goals for your birth, as well as any fears or concerns

  • Assistance with creating your birth plan & determining your priorities

  • Assess preparations for postpartum and breastfeeding

  • Based on needs and preferences, we can go over:

    • Relaxation practice & guided meditation

    • Prenatal bonding and communicating with your baby

    • Practice comfort measures such as position, rebozo

    • Spinning Babies® exercises

  • Access to birth and breastfeeding related resources

  • Unlimited phone and email support

Labor and Birth Support

  • On call from 38 weeks until your baby is born

  • Emotional, physical, and informational support during labor and birth, and initial breastfeeding support 

  • Encouragement and reassurance for partner so that he/she can be more fully confident in his/her abilities and engaged

  • Help to create a calm and safe birth environment for the mother/baby and partner whether in home, hospital, or birth center

  • Discussion of any proposed interventions so informed decisions can be made; guidance with communicating your choices with medical care providers

  • Use of comfort and labor techniques

  • Labor and birth photography, if desired

Postpartum Care and Support

  • 1st postpartum visit, preferably at 3 - 5 days after the birth, to make sure breastfeeding is going well

  • 2nd postpartum visit within 2 - 4 weeks to reflect on the birth and check in on breastfeeding

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Make sure everyone is integrating well in new family roles

  • Additional resources, if needed

  • E-mail and phone support through 6 weeks postpartum

Note: I am able to customize my doula services to meet your needs. If you would like more prenatal visits, postpartum visits, or other services, these can be added to our agreement and do have an additional service charge. What every mama and baby requires to be prepared and supported is different. I am interested in who you are and what you need!

Complete Doula Package:  $1800

My Bradley Class Couples: $1600

Here's a look at the information and forms I bring for you

when we meet:

More Doula Package Options

for my Bradley Method class families only

Basic Doula Package:


  • One prenatal meeting

  • On call from 38 weeks  until your baby is born

  • Labor & birth support

  • 2 postpartum visits

  • Text, email, & phone support during pregnacy through 6 weeks postpartum

Only for my Bradley Class Couples: $1400

L.A. Local Hybrid Doula:

  •  1 - 2 prenatal meetings

    • In person or Zoom

  • On call from 38 weeks virtually/phone for your labor and birth

    • For couples who want 24/7 access to me during their labor & birth, but don't need me there

  • 2 in person postpartum visits

  • Text, email & phone support during pregnancy through 6 weeks postpartum

Only for Bradley Class Couples: $900

Simply Virtual


  • One prenatal check-in

    • In person or Zoom

  • On call from 38 weeks virtually/phone for your labor and birth

    • For couples who want 24/7 access to me during their due month and labor & birth, but don't need me there

  • Text, email and phone access to me for up to 6 weeks postpartum to answer questions and check-in

Only for Bradley Class Couples: $450.00

My Role

As a doula I see my role as an experienced guide helping you and your partner meet your new parenting roles with confidence. I help create a birthing space that feels safe, so you can birth your baby with minimal interference in a calm, positive, and loving birthing environment.  Your baby also has experiences and feelings, so I like to include baby during pregnancy preparations, help you strengthen your connection with your baby, and to communicate with your baby throughout the labor and birth.


A good doula balances coaching, guidance, and support with giving the birthing mother (and couple) space when needed. I am not the star of your birth - you are. I am a background role and in that context I want your birth to be both supported and also a great opportunity for family bonding. The relationship between mother, baby, and father/partner is foremost in my mind - my job is to help make this a positive and integrated experience for you and to enhance the opportunities for the deepening and strengthening of your connections to each other.

I work with an open mind, warm heart, and calm presence. I look forward to supporting you!

As a doula, I can provide the following:

  • Help with preparations during your pregnancy for your labor and birth, as well as postpartum.

  • Emotional support for the birthing mother

  • Non-medical physical support and comfort measures: relaxation, breathing, movement, position, counter-pressure techniques, aromatherapy, rebozo, Spinning Babies® techniques

  • Support for the partner, as well as an extra set of hands to help out

  • Education and assistance in determining your priorities for the birth and postpartum

  • Clarifying information and options so that you can make your own choices for an optimal birth

  • Facilitating communication between the mother and her care providers

  • A bridge of support from pregnancy through postpartum

Doulas can provide many wonderful benefits.

There are some things a doula does not do:

  • A doula is not a medical professional. I do not give medical advice or diagnose conditions.

  • I do not perform clinical tasks (like doing vaginal exams or monitoring the fetal heart rate)

  • I do not make decisions for you. I help you understand what your options are and what it is you really want.

  • I do not judge you for any decisions you make. Life can sometimes be complex. My job is to support you, your partner, and your baby

  • I do not take over the role of the husband or partner. I see my role as supporting the birth partner and helping him/her be more engaged.

  • I do not deliver your baby.  Birthing your baby is your job under the watchful care of your chosen health care provider/birth attendant

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