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The Bradley Method®

Natural Birth & Parenting Prep

Healthy Baby. Healthy Mother. Happy Family.

Childbirth prep that truly prepares you and your partner for the best birth possible and for life as a new family. Bradley Method® classes meet for 12 weeks (yes, you read that right!) covering a unique and comprehensive program that focuses on:

  • Maintaining a healthy pregnancy and staying low-risk

  • Preparing for a positive and healthy birth experience

  • Creating positive communications with your birth team

  • Making informed decisions that are right for your family and birth goals

  • Teaching fathers/partners how to support and advocate for the mother/baby pair

  • Learning about postpartum needs and life changes after baby arrives

  • Understanding how breastfeeding works and how to overcome any challenges

  • Caring for your new baby and what your baby's needs are

  • Plus much, much more!

Taking Bradley® classes puts you in charge of your birth and parenting experience. This is an in-depth course designed to make sure you are put in-the-know and actually practice the tools you will need. Class is a safe space to learn and be in community.


As a teacher, I want you to finish our series feeling grounded, supported, and prepared going into your birth experience and transition to new family life. Each birth is unique and I know that you will make choices that are right for your family and the birth of your child.

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Upcoming Bradley Method® Series
Due in late November, December or January?

September 10 - November 26, 2023

Sundays / 12:00 PM  PT

Last chance to join: Week 4 on 10/1

Who: Pregnant mamas and their partner, or other support person; space is limited to 8 couples/teams.

Where: Anywhere you are located - you don't have to live in Los Angeles or CA. Classes are currently LIVE online AND we will have several classes optionally in person.

 ~ You can take a Bradley Method series even if there is not a teacher near you

 ~ Remote classes reduce the risk of being exposed to or getting covid and other respiratory viruses

 ~ Online you don't have to wear a mask or worry if someone in class is vaccinated or not

 ~ You don't have to spend hours on the road dealing with LA traffic

 ~ Practice labor techniques in your own home where you will be laboring when it's the big day!

When: Starting in your 5th or 6th month of pregnancy (20 - 26 weeks) is ideal. It's okay if you have less time, some Bradley® is better than no Bradley®!

What: 12 weeks of essential and unique learning. This is a an ACTIVE class requiring participation and practice in order for you to learn the valuable skills and information that you need to know going into your birth and parenting experience. Class prepares you for a positive birth experience armed with lots of techniques to approach labor and birth naturally. Bradley classes stand apart in making sure partners are prepared - one of the main draws of couples who take my classes. Also, it's a great way to meet other expectant couples with goals similar to yours.


Why: The very best education available to help you prepare for your beautiful baby! More on why here

How Much: $465 for the 12 weeks includes the official digital Bradley Method® Student Workbook. There is more information regarding class fee, payment & financial aid in the PDF linked to the "Class Information" button

If you found out about this course after the start date, there may still be room. Contact me and we'll catch you up!

Bring your baby into the world mindfully and with joy!
Happy Family

Your baby is counting on you.

Any of these ideas or goals resonate with you?

  • You plan to parent together as a team

  • Your partner wants to have a active role

  • Your partner wants to know what to do to support you and baby

  • You're going for a natural childbirth

  • You're birthing in the hospital and open to pain relief AND you want to do all you can to delay the epidural and to prevent an unnecessary cesarean

  • You're birthing at home or at a freestanding birth center and want to feel totally confident and prepared

  • You want to be a wise consumer of birth services (hey, it's a consumer and capitalist culture, y'all)

  • You want to make sure you are set up for breastfeeding success

  • You know dedicating time to class is a great way to show your love and commitment to your precious baby

  • You love learning, be prepared, and having fun!

Then Bradley® Classes are a great fit!

"Never imagined I'd love a 12 week class, but we still miss it now that our baby is born. Susan is an amazing teacher and I would recommend this to anyone who is expecting. Couldn't speak more highly about her or the class. You'll be more prepared than you could imagine for the big day."

Roddy, Bradley® dad to Samuel

Class Schedule 2023 + 2024 Babies

* All classes take place at Pacific Time 

* These series will take place LIVE ONLINE via Zoom

* I host 3 optional IN PERSON classes

* These classes are active & require participation

* I host Bradley Class Park Days during the year

* Your Coach can be your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, sister, cousin - someone who cares


~ July 23 - October 15

4:00 - 6:30 PM Sunday

No class on 9/3 Labor Day weekend

Register for class

~ September 10 - November 26

12:00 - 2:30 PM Sunday

Register for class

~ November 11 (2023) - February 3 (2024)

3:00 - 5:30 PM Saturday

No class on 12/30

Register for class

~ February 18 - May 12

12:00 - 2:30 PM Sunday

No class on 3/31 Easter weekend

Register for class

~ April 7 - June 30

4:00 - 6:30 PM Sunday

No class 5/26 Memorial Day weekend

Register for class

~ May 13 - August 5

6:00 - 8:30 PM Monday

No class on 5/26 Memorial day

Register for class

~ June 23 - September 15

12:00 - 2:30 PM Sunday

No class on 9/2 Labor Day weekend

Register for class

~ August 4 - October 27

~ September 15 - December 1

~ October 27 - January 19

Class is full

~ Class size is small. Everyone gets to know each other

~ You'll get a chance to connect with other families in breakout rooms

~ Yes, I am here for you. You can meet with me in person or on Zoom to check your exercises and labor techniques

~ We usually have 3 optional in-person classes for LA locals -- Class 4, Class 8 and Class 12

~ I have Park Day meet ups twice a year for local families who want to get together and feel comfortable gathering with others outside

Bradley Method® Series

12 week course fee includes:
* Official digital Bradley Method® Student Workbook
* A folder with your class handouts mailed to you
* Your earned Coach Card at the end of course
* Breastfeeding basics education

* Optional Private Pre-Birth Check-In with me

A non-refundable $55 deposit holds your spot in class.
(This is applied toward the series fee)
Cash, checks, PayPal and credit cards through PayPal,
Zelle, Venmo and CashApp accepted.

I am willing to work with you to help you afford this class.
Payment can be divided into installments. Additionally, if you are experiencing financial hardship, have limited resources or another challenge, please reach out to me. I do have limited partial scholarship opportunities. I do not want you to miss out on preparing for your baby's birth.
YoYou do not need to take a separate breastfeeding class, unless you would like to. This class is comprehensive.

Class size is limited. This ensures you get the personal attention you need throughout the course.
Space fills up quickly, so be sure to register soon!

Coach Card Pic 2022.JPG

If my class dates don't work for your due date,  you can find other Bradley Method teachers at the official site


If you need a more flexible schedule, have less time than 12 weeks and/or other unique needs, I also teach


Please feel free to reach out the me if you have questions!

Class Schedule

What you get from my Bradley Method classes...

  • Official digital Bradley Method® Student Workbook: you can download it, write in it and take notes on your device

  • A folder of our class handouts mailed to you (yes, real hard copies!)

  • Access to supplemental materials in our Parent Portal

  • Access to a recorded class video if you need to miss a class

  • Interactive and active class sessions

  • Birth and breastfeeding videos

  • Special exercises to make sure your body is ready for birth

  • Actions you can take so you and baby stay healthy and low-risk

  • Practical, hands-on tools and skills taught to the partner/coach for labor and birth support

  • Practical and effective tools taught to the mama to help her cope with labor and birth

  • Relaxation and visualization skills practiced in class

  • Labor rehearsals to put all the skills into action

  • Preparation for a positive birth experience

  • How and why you prepare a Birth Plan

  • Ways to handle normal variations of labor, dealing with complications, and cesarean birth

  • How to talk with your health care provider and truly get informed consent

  • Getting ready for the postpartum period

  • Essential breastfeeding information

  • Guest speakers: Hear a former class couple share their birth experience and see their baby!

  • Optional 30 minute private session for a Pre-Birth Check-in with me (this can be Zoom or in person)

  • A virtual class reunion

Lesbian couple playing with their baby i

Learn. Prepare. Connect.
Because bringing a new human into the world is a BIG job!

"Confidence is the only antidote to the natural fear that every human has of the unknown."


~ Ricardo Herbert Jones, MD

Build YOUR Confidence!
Be Educated. Be Prepared. Be Empowered.

I can't wait to meet you in class!
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