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Private Coaching

Planning. Preparing. Presence.

Preparation and integration, focused on your unique needs

Working one-on-one is a terrific opportunity to really hone in on the unique needs of you and your pregnancy. Group classes are a wonderful and economical way to learn information and skills in a general way, but there is not time to really focus on each individual mama, or couple, for any length of time. All mothers benefit from one-on-one support from the beginning of their pregnancy. All babies benefit from having a mother who is held in a safe space, encouraged to do what's best for the well-being of mama and baby.

Mothers have incredible instincts. I am a big believer in honing your intuition. I also know, from both personal experience and observation, that many mothers lack the support, encouragement, and practical information that they really need. Mamas often compromise, or are willing to put themselves last, in order to make things more manageable. I want you to put yourself and your baby first - knowing how to care for yourself and the choices you have so that you have the very best outcome - for your birth and family life. No one is more important than you and your sweet baby.

I coach focused on what you need based on the wisdom I have accrued over decades of working with mothers and babies. I am guided by both my training and my intuition. Exposure to practical and useful concepts you may not have thought of can help you on your journey. We can also take a deeper look at your needs, feelings, and any challenges you are facing. Sometimes another perspective is all you need to get a clearer picture of your options. This can enable you have the confidence to do what needs to be done and to move forward. I can help you get into a really great place where you feel grounded, secure, and strong in yourself.

I work one-on-one in person and online via Zoom.


Conscious Conception

Creating A Healthy Growing Environment for Baby

Optimal Nutrition based on Dr. Brewer's Diet

Exploring Options for Birth Attendants and Birth Place

Determining Your Priorities

Exploring Fears and Concerns

Connecting with Baby


Breath Work



Grounding & Centering


Trusting Your Inner Guidance

Some Ways You Can Work with Me:

Prior to Conceiving:

  • Making space in your life for your baby

  • Welcoming a new soul to join you on your journey

  • Creating an optimal pregnancy environment

  • Conscious conception


During Pregnancy:

  • Creating a loving, supported, and healthy environment for your baby

  • Making sense of all the information that is out there

  • What you need to focus on

  • Dealing with insecurities, fears, and overwhelm

  • Overcoming a prior difficult birth experience

  • Preparing for an optimal birth and postpartum

  • Making space in your life for your baby


Group Bradley® Class Couples:

  • Individualized nutrition

  • Discuss a current situation you are dealing with and your options

If you are in my childbirth classes, you know I am available to connect briefly before or after class and in-between class sessions. Sometimes families from my class need the opportunity for a more in-depth and focused discussion about a particular topic, concern, or to discuss a situation that they are dealing with and want more information about. You can schedule time with me one-on-one for a more in-depth discussion on the topic dear to your heart and/or help figuring out your options.

Former Bradley® Class Couples (Bradley Refresher):

  • Go over past birth and define new goals

  • Refresh information and techniques

  • Labor rehearsal to practice techniques

  • Integrating siblings

  • Preparing for postpartum and breastfeeding

Post Birth -  Understanding Your Birth/Postpartum Story:

  • Approaching your birth/postpartum story with compassion 

  • Understanding and making sense of your experience

  • Facing challenges and losses

  • Appreciating your strengths

  • Preparing for a new birth experience

Private Coaching Sessions

~ In person sessions typically take place in your home, or another location we determine together

~ Online coaching sessions will be hosted via Zoom

Single Private Session
 30 minutes

Available online via Zoom
or phone only:
Single Private Session
 1 hour

In Person: $200.00
Online via Zoom: $90.00
 Single Private Session
1.5 hours

In Person: $245.00
Online via Zoom : $135.00


Single Private Session
2 hours

In Person: $290.00
Online via Zoom: $180.00

If you are currently in one of my classes, are a former Bradley Method class couple, or a former doula client and need help financially, please contact me for a sliding scale rate.
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Be connected.
Be calm.
Be confident.

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