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Breastfeeding Help

Breastfeeding Education and Support


  • Has important, life-long health benefits for both the mother and the baby

  • Sets up a dynamic system of communication between mother and baby

  • Facilitates bonding and attachment

  • Helps you meet your baby's needs

  • Is an essential parenting tool


Breastfeeding is a wonderful, natural part of the mother/baby relationship.


Some mother/infant pairs find breastfeeding runs smoothly right from the start, while for other mothers and babies challenges occur. Because breastfeeding is crucial to the health of the mother/baby and impacts the relationship dynamic, if you are having breastfeeding challenges it's important to get the help you need if you are struggling. The vast majority of breastfeeding challenges can be overcome with the right help.

By receiving accurate information and support, you can gain confidence in your ability to make decisions about breastfeeding that help you succeed and that are right for your family. Mothers and babies have innate mechanisms designed by nature to help them succeed. Understanding and working with these built-in mechanisms will help you succeed in your breastfeeding goals. You can do this!

As a certified lactation educator and counselor, I make in-home consults to help you and your baby. I can also help you via phone (voice or FaceTime) and Skype consultations. I assist in the normal range of breastfeeding challenges and concerns. If your situation lies beyond the normal range and requires a different level of care, I will refer you to a specialist. Please feel free to reach out to me to determine if I can help you, or if you need a referral.

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Breastfeeding Specialties Include:

  • Getting baby attached at the breast, position, and latch

  • Biological/laid-back breastfeeding

  • Preventing and overcoming sore nipples

  • How to know baby is getting enough

  • Weight gain concerns

  • Infant feeding patterns

  • Engorgement

  • Plugged ducts/mastitis

  • Breastfeeding and infant sleep

  • Maternal nutrition and breastfeeding

  • Introducing solid foods to the breastfed infant

  • Breastfeeding beyond one year

  • Beyond toddler nursing

  • Weaning

  • Nursing in pregnancy

  • Tandem nursing

  • Returning to work/school and breastfeeding

  • Common parenting concerns in breastfeeding families

  • Parenting through breastfeeding

  • Loving guidance

  • Co-sleeping

Work with Me:

Dialed In

 *Phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom

Scheduled time via modern technology to talk about a breastfeeding issue that you need help with. This can be problem solving, looking for resolution, becoming clear on options, or determining your feelings about an issue or challenge.


$40.00 per 30 minutes

In Your Nest

*In-Home Breastfeeding Consult

1.5 - 2 hour visit that takes place in your home for guided support and to connect about a breastfeeding issue (or issues) that you need help with. Direct support and guidance is really helpful in the newborn period when you are just trying out your mothering and breastfeeding wings.








2 visits at your home after your baby is born to make sure you get breast-feeding off on the right track. The 1st visit takes place between days 3 - 5 as your milk starts transitioning ("coming in") to make sure you and your baby are on the right path. A phone check in takes place after the two week visit to baby's health care provider.  The 2nd in home visit can take place week anytime between weeks 2 and 4 post birth to check-in on progress, answer questions and give any support that is needed. 

Phone and text support during the four week period.


The Breastfeeding Bridge

*In-Home Breastfeeding Support

2 hours of private breastfeeding instruction before baby is born. 1st in-home visit scheduled for some time between days 3 - 5 after the birth to make sure breastfeeding is on track as mother's milk increases in milk volume (also known as "milk coming in".) A phone check in after baby's two week appointment with health care provider. 2nd visit some time during week 3 and 4 to check-in, answer questions, and make sure transition is going well.


The Golden Bridge

 * Private Breastfeeding Class

 * 2 In-Home Visits

Nest and Nurture

Breastfeeding Consult with

Postpartum Care

A visit in your home to check in on how breastfeeding is going for you and your baby. A chance to answer questions and get guidance. There is also time for caring for mama - making sure she has food, rest, and what she needs to succeed at breastfeeding and to feel supported during postpartum.

3 hours of time combining breast-feeding help and postpartum support.


2 hours of private breastfeeding instruction before baby is born. Covering the benefits of breastfeeding, the early days of breastfeeding, position and latch, preventing jaundice, preventing sore nipples, how to know baby is getting enough, sleep and the newborn, common concerns, myths, nutrition and breastfeeding. Class will also focus on any issues of concern for the new parents.


Breastfeeding 101

Private Breastfeeding Class

The newborn baby has only three demands. They are warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence. Breastfeeding satisfies all three.

Dr. Grantly Dick-Read