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What Families Are Saying. . .

     Yes, YOU can have a natural birth and Susan can help you get there. Once we got pregnant, we knew we wanted a natural birth. Almost all of my friends had C-sections, and the trend is not getting any better. (Only one friend really needed one.) Women have been giving birth naturally for just need to learn what is going on with your body! Susan's class was fun and educational. The Bradley Method® helped prepare my husband and I on what to expect during our delivery. It gives you all of the tools you need to achieve a natural birth. In addition, Susan and TBM helps you with your diet, key exercises and stretches, special positions while you're laboring, breathing techniques, importance of breast feeding, etc. There is so much knowledge that Susan passes onto you. I personally would not have felt prepared if I had taken the one day class the hospital recommended. We had a beautiful baby boy without any drugs and are both so grateful to Susan and her class. I'm looking forward to our next "class reunion"


  ~ Julie, Mama to Blake

Susan showed us how to have the kind of birth we wanted. Because of Susan and the Bradley Method®, we were able to bring our baby into the world in the most natural, peaceful and spiritual way possible. We are so grateful to have stumbled upon the Bradley Method® and Susan’s class – I can’t recommend it enough!"


~ Sarah and Ariel, Parents to Noah

Susan is amazing! We went to her Bradley Method®

course, and subsequently hired her as our doula for the actual birth.

One Bradley birth later and we can't say enough good things about Susan. We felt incredibly well prepared by the class and were very confident (or as confident as you can be!) about the birth. The course was incredibly comprehensive, teaching us a lot of things we knew, many more we thought we knew, and lots of stuff we definitely didn't.

During the actual birth Susan was a complete trooper, she was incredibly helpful with every thing that needed doing, she was incredibly calm and reassuring during a very stressful (and wonderful) moment in our lives. My wife and I actually joke that Susan's name, rather than the doctor's should be on our son's birth certificate, as she was there for so much more of the birth.

Susan was also great during her postpartum visits, helping with breastfeeding and a fussy baby. She was reassuring and gave my wife and I confidence that we were doing just fine.

We would recommend to anyone we know to take Bradley classes before giving birth, and if anyone is looking for a doula you don't need to look anywhere else.

~ John and Camille, Parents to Benjamin

If you are a first time parent, I highly recommend taking Bradley® classes with Susan Martin. Her energy, compassion and knowledge help to assuage the fears/unknown during pregnancy. Due to the fact that the classes run for three months, you get to ease into it and not feel overwhelmed with tons of information being thrown at you. Yes, it is a time commitment, but well worth it. My husband and I bonded in such a sweet and deep way through these classes. As a man, he needed to have a "job" to feel like he could help me. Bradley teaches that your partner is your coach. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it throughout my pregnancy and then during labor. His support -- physically, spiritually and emotionally -- was 100% there. He was my rock. Often husbands are pushed to the side feeling frustrated and scared seeing their wife suffer and in pain with no way to help! Well, Bradley greatly reduces those feelings. We went into my labor knowing that we were prepared and knew what to do. My labor/birth ending up going a little differently than planned, but we knew we were a strong team as life threw us a change. Pregnancy is such a mixed bag of emotions. Bradley classes help you to face and embrace all that it is. I am grateful for finding Susan and having her in our lives. xoxx "    


~ McLean McGown, CN, yoga teacher

 Mama to Jemima

Before I became pregnant, I didn't have a strong opinion on how I would give birth. But the more I read about natural childbirth and its benefits and heard amazing stories from my girlfriends who'd delivered naturally, I knew this was something I wanted to consider. A friend suggested the Bradley Method®, and I found Susan's class. I honesty don't think I could have amassed the knowledge, courage, and persistence to deliver naturally without this course. And I am so happy and proud that our baby George came into the world completely naturally and without my having to take medication. We bonded immediately, and breastfeeding was so easy and natural, right from the start. Whether you're exploring the benefits of natural childbirth or are certain that no-intervention is the way for you, I would strongly suggest taking Susan's course. You will learn so much, be encouraged, and find a way to communicate your desires to your healthcare provider with confidence. And Susan's help doesn't stop there. She's always available to talk about your journey as a new mom. In fact, I ran into her the other day, and she saw a patch of eczema on George's face and followed up with the most caring, helpful email. Bradley courses are a time commitment for sure, but it's time well-spent bonding with your partner, making new parent friends, and having a lifetime sage at your side in Susan."


~  Erin, Mama to George

I heard about Bradley Method® from a co-worker who was able to have an unmedicated childbirth with her daughter. When looking through the websites of the different Bradley providers, I chose Susan's class because the information on the website was organized, detailed and I just had a warm feeling about the class. My husband initially wasn't thrilled about attending a 12 week course, but after the first class we both immediately felt comfortable and confident in the information that we were about to learn. 

Susan is very passionate about the material and puts a lot of effort and love into her classes- providing diet recommendations, exercises, practicing relaxation techniques, and even making games out of the information. The 2+ hour class goes by very quickly as everyone is usually deep in conversation and discussion. It was also really neat to have the support of the other couples going through the same experiences and emotions during their pregnancies (plus getting to watch each others bellies grow).


My husband and I felt soo much more confident going into childbirth. The anxiety that I had been anticipating about labor at the start of my pregnancy was ceased, and after going through the 12 week program with my husband, he felt so much more involved in the process and was amazing support for me during labor. Susan also offered support during labor (via telephone) and it was a comfort to be able to call her when we were having questions about how our labor was progressing. When complications arose during labor, the confidence that we felt to make the best decisions for our baby without feeling the pressure from hospital staff was priceless.  


After class ended, Susan shared updates via email when each classmate had their baby and arranged a reunion where we were able to meet each others babies- it was really special. Susan's class is definitely a must. The information, confidence and support that you will get from Susan is wonderful. We are so thankful to Susan!"


~ Maurella, Mama to Soleil Jane

Susan Martin is a wonderful, inspiring teacher, one my husband and I whole-heartedly recommend. Our affordable, 12-week class was one of the most important aspects of our birth preparation and allowed us to be fully and totally prepared for the natural birth of our daughter. During labor, I was truly remembering aspects of what I learned in class, which calmed and guided me. I know my husband absolutely felt like a prepared "birth coach" due to Susan's teaching. Susan generously lends her warm living room to the classroom and brings together like-minded parents to learn about this beautiful process. Whether you are planning a hospital birth or home birth (which we did), if you truly want to be prepared for a natural birth, take Susan's class. Though we didn't name our daughter, Susanna, after Susan, we love that "Susan" is in our daughter's name...Susan Martin was THAT IMPORTANT to our birth!"

~ Annie, Mama to Susannah

Susan is incredibly passionate about her work and she goes above and beyond to help you through this critical time. My husband and I enjoyed each week we spent in our Bradley classes with her. Even as a second time mom, I learned a lot that I wish I had known the first time around. When we found out our baby girl was breech, Susan talked me through all of my options and was fully supportive of whatever worked for me. She offered to be there during my C-Section and would hop on the phone with me whenever I needed help, had breastfeeding post surgery questions, or just needed to talk. I can't imagine there's a more supportive Bradley teacher and La Leche League Leader in the LA area. Don't miss the opportunity to make Susan part of your village, you won't regret it.

~ Heather, Mama to Amelia Rose

As first time parents, we wanted to be prepared with our first pregnancy. After searching and reading up on Bradley® teachers in the area, we found Susan, who was extremely warm and encouraging in her response with our request to talk with her both via email and phone about her class. After communicating with her several times, we knew she was someone we wanted to learn from; she had great energy, wonderful sense of humor and, more importantly, she was direct in her answers with questions we had about the process.

She never pressed her beliefs on us in any way, shape, or form; she always communicated in a way that allowed us to make our own decisions. This we felt was one of the overall themes of her class - to educate yourself and find as much factual information about a subject or question to give yourself the confidence to make a decision on your own. No matter how many people you talk to, be it doctors, midwifes, doulas, or how many articles and books you read about parenting, it all comes down to what you feel is right the decision based on the research.


We learned so much from our class. We felt prepared in regards to nutrition, breathing techniques for relaxation, how the body changes during labor, and what to expect in working with different birthing facilities. We went with a hospital birth and when we went in, we didn't feel scared at all when dealing with the hospital staff, we were fully aware of WHAT was going on and WHY.


Susan's class will not only prepare you for the birthing process, but it will also educate you on how to create the type of birthing experience you need based on techniques she teaches you in class; it is truly an educational experience worth doing.


She was always prepared with activities, videos, games and lectures, labor rehearsal stations (our favorite), she even presents in Power Point, too! The workbook that she provided was great, and what was even better was that she went way beyond the weekly chapters and also added additional information about certain topics that would be helpful. She also supplied us with article handouts too. She goes above & beyond to make sure you are educated and knowledgeable about the subject matter at hand.


We highly recommend the 12-week course. She is someone you want to learn from, connect to and grow with during your pregnancy. Even after the 12 week course, Susan makes a huge effort to follow up with you to make sure things are going well. In conclusion, we are so happy that we made the decision to learn from Susan. She played HUGE integral part of our first pregnancy, the creation of our new family and she will always be in our hearts and minds."


~ Jorge and Joanna, Parents of Alejandro

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