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Class 1

Video Link for Class 1
Homework: Pg 14 in SW
Answers to Homework
Relaxation Exercise:
Tense/Relax Exercise

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Class 2

Surgeon General on Breastfeeding
Video Link for Class 2
Video Seen in Class:
Breastfeeding Self-Attachment
 I do not loan out this video and it's not available for free on the internet. If you would like to see it, arrange with me time before or after a class to watch this video
  • Look up 2 or 3 facts about the growth of your baby during the assigned gestational period:
    • 6 - 7 weeks, 12 weeks, 20 weeks, 28 weeks, or 36 weeks.
  • SW Study Helps pg 19
Answers to Homework
  • Kegels: Contract...Be Aware of Letting Go
Progressive Relaxation
Coming Soon!

Class 3

Video Link to Class 3
Pregnancy Poster Images
  • SW pg 26
    • Answers to Homework
  • Really think about the things that relax and comfort you
  • Bring CALM into your life
  • Coaches bring to class next week an example of Medical bloopers: Medical advice, a procedure, or a treatment that was recommended by doctors or medical care professionals as safe and effective, but later found out to be harmful; can be at anytime in history
  • Kegels: Contract....Slooowly Let Go
  • Massage
    • In class the mamas gave the partner a head massage.
    • Dads/partners are assigned to give the mama some type of massage this week!
  • Heart Breathing

Class 3

Class 4

Class Quiz (surprise!):

Class Handout:

  • Ina May's Birth Stats

    • There should be a copy in the Supplemental Binder

Video Links to Class 4:

  • Part 1 (Before movie - Be sure to fill out Quiz)

  • Part 2 (Rest of class after movie)

Video seen in class:


  • Dads fill out SW pgs 32 -33

  • Take a look at "Mental Relaxation", SW p. 27   

Start collecting stories, poems, quotes, prayers, memories, visual images, etc. which Coach can have on hand for labor. Good labor prep, too!

  • Read Drugs, Myths, & Birthing in SW

  • Your exercises and relaxation

    • Kegels: Contract...Hold for 2...Let Go

Mental Relaxation Exercise

Class 5


  • IV Fluids & Labor

  • Heparin/Saline Loc

  • Eating & Drinking in Labor

Video Link for Class 5:

Part 1

Part 2 (this part has the Labor Rehearsal - make sure you have what you need, see below)

Labor Rehearsal:

  • Paper and pen

  • Pillows for side relaxation

  • Watch or clock

  • Before you start put on some lights (maybe one shining on mama, radio show (or some kind of noise), an alarm going off, and/or fan blowing

  • It's all on the video - just follow step by step.

  • Let me know if you have questions


  • "Overview of Labor and Birth" SW 38 - 39

  • Study Helps - Answer; we'll check-in on next class

  • Kegel: Contract...Hold 1, 2, 3...Let Go

Class 6


  • Anchor Thoughts

  • Preventing an Episiotomy or Tear

Video Link for Class 6:

Part 1

Part 2

DVD Seen In Class:

Giving Birth...Naturally!

This is a Bradley Method video; I do not loan this video and it is not found online. Please arrange with me to see before or after another class if you would like to see it.


  • Coaches read through "Transition" in your    SW p.  44 -45

  • Take a look at questions and Study Helps in your SW p. 48 - 49

  • Read through Transition and Second Stage in the "Overview of Labor" p. 38 39

  • Read through ACOG's Committee Opinion Approaches to Limit Intervention During Labor and Birth

    • Print this up and highlight significant points

    • This is for next week's class - come prepared!

  • Mamas - Come ready to share an idea for a high protein breakfast next week


Answers to Homework;


  • Anchor Thoughts

  • Muscle Observation = Going deeper with your relaxation

Class 3

Class 3

Class 3

Class 12

Your Amazing Newborn
10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding
Mothering and Fathering
Babies Need Touch and Attention
Should You Sleep with Your Baby?
Your Amazing Newborn
Your Amazing Newborn

Class 12

Childbirth Education

Birth Doula Services

Lactation Counseling

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